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The Model NF-469 Notch Filter couples the incoming signal source coax cable to the input on a splitter or bi-directional DA-series amplifier. Once installed, the NF-469 filters out channels to make room for modulated channels. In addition, the NF-469 blocks the modulated signals from being broadcast back into the coax. The NF-469 is a perfect solution for modulation in the ever-increasing bandwidth taken up by Cable Television (CATV).The Channel Plus NF-469 RF low-pass filter blocks incoming cable TV channels 64 to 70 and off-air UHF channels 14 to 19, making room for modulated signals from a satellite receiver, VCR, DVD player, or camera. Once the channels are blocked, users with a 5400, 5500, or SVM series modulator can insert a signal onto any of three cable TV channels (65, 65, or 69) or three UHF channels (14, 16, or 18). The NF-469 couples to the coaxial TV input on either a splitter or an active video distribution device, such as a bi-directional video amplifier. In addition to blocking individual channels, the filter also blocks outgoing signals, such as cameras, from broadcasting back into the coaxial and outside the home. The device is a perfect response to the ever-increasing bandwidth taken up by cable TV.

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